Thursday, November 29, 2012

Climb climb higher.

  400x550mm painting of Luigi from Super Mario Bros. (1985) and text. Acrylic on canvas using a 17x17 and 5x5mm hand drawn grid.

  It's essentially a Luigi variant of the Mario one I did before yay.


  It was raining today even though

  I wanted to do more graffiti.





  1. I love it! As always :P Actually, I like this one better than the Mario one, if I'm allowed to say as much. I like the colors better, for starters, but I also feel the text makes a bit more sense with Luigi. (Of course, I can think of reasons why Mario would be suicidal, too.) Anyway, awesome work as always!

    1. Some people suggested "I Wish I Was Mario" for the text, lal. The colours were a little difficult though. Making the blue stand out from the green. But hey. Thanks!

  2. Ha! Although I like that suggestion, I think 'I Wish I Was Dead' has more impact, is obviously a lot darker, etc. Oh, and you definitely seemed to nail the colors, if you ask me. The piece really pops -- in such a way that I can't stop staring at it :)