Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Starts with happiness for me.

  200x200mm painting of a Yurarin from Super Mario Land (1989). Acrylic on canvas using a 10x10mm hand drawn grid.


  Gundam AGE makes Gundam Seed look like a masterpiece.


  1. Really liking the simplicity on these sprite paintings. They are so crisp. Are you ever going to do those weird Cowfish in the second world (I think, if I remember right). How about Mario in his mini submarine? Why do you only do characters on this game? Favorite game growing up perhaps?

  2. These were the only ones I was gonna' do from Super Mario Land actually. And.. I just needed a few simple yet weird enough looking things for.. A project. And these were the first things I thought of. I think. Anyway, the reason as to why I did them will become clear in a few updates. It's not actually that exciting though so don't get yr hopes up but thanks for yr interest anyhow!