Thursday, September 20, 2012

To the core core core.


  So in light of some recent news

  in the real world.

  Can I just say.

  What's up with all my friends who are like

  'Australia is great there's so many gaybars'.

  Yeah well

  good luck actually getting legally recognized there

  as an actual married couple.

  Or even in the eyes of politics or

  Australia's culture or whatever.

  It's like

  'they don't need equality.

  just give them some gaybars and some

  Lady Gaga remixes and they'll shut up'.

  Is anyone reading this? If so, what do you think.

  Because all I wanna' do right now is say to an unfortunate few;

  screw you,

  you vapid scenester fuckheads.


  1. I feel like that's pretty much everywhere :-/ It's very sad.

  2. Kids here grow up thinking Australia is everything. Because it's the only country nearby really. Other than that it's just ocean and eventually some islands.