Thursday, September 22, 2011

Let's dance, dance.

  Pixel art mural of Samus's helmet from the file select screen of Super Metroid (1993). Acrylic on plaster wall in my bedroom. The pixels are around 9cm each, applied via a hand drawn grid. The green behind it was already there when I moved into the apartment.

  Some people, who usually aren't gamers funnily enough, usually can't tell what this is. They often can't see that it's even a helmet to begin with. Probably because the original graphic is so small and I've enlarged it so much.

  I guess that based on the feedback I've gotten, it's been a real interesting study of pixels as a medium.


  Some other good news;

  So that painting I sold via this thing. I think.. It was chosen by the OUSA President, and it'll now hang up permanently in their office.

  They do this every year?

  With one work from the exhibition. And they used mine. Gnarly right?

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