Friday, July 1, 2011

I could easily stay.

  300 x 300mm painting of text and elements from Punch Out!! (1987). Acrylic on canvas using a 3x3mm hand drawn grid.

  This was done as a gift for a friend of mine based on some of her favorite things which included movie reviews and The New Yorker.


  It has been raining for weeks.

  When it 'aint raining it's still cold.

  Been trying to bake things with varied results.

  Because I possess no practical skills. Need to learn.. How to cook and make edible things, y'know.

  Oh, it's because, y'know how your essentially useless as a living entity unless you're able to produce something practical? I mean sure, art. But you can't eat that. Or can you. No you can't.


  1. OK, I want that painting :)

    Also being able to produce art is much more valuable and important than being able to produce something edible. IMO, at least :)

  2. Thanks Mr Ochalla. But, y'know, if I ever wanna' get married, I apparently need to be able to do these domestic things. The people I live with are sorta' bemused by the amount of time I spent studying or doing creative things, compared to my lack of skills for even the most basic of meals.