Tuesday, June 7, 2011

That I have not already done to myself.

  300x300mm Rapidash / Gallop painting from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series (2005). Acrylic on canvas using a 7x7mm hand drawn grid.

  This was done as a gift for someone.


  Bought that orange GameBoy in Japan.

  I also bought a Nintendo 3DS there. I.. I sorta' hate it. They updated it like, yesterday. The frimware, I mean, so..

  Maybe it's better.

  Hey so I sorta' hate this pixel stuff I'm doing. I like pixels. I like doing videogame stuff.

  But it's all paraphrasing at the most. Gotta' be.. More.. Original..

  My photos from Japan are over. 'till next time, Japan. Been in love with you since I was like five.


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