Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You'll find a nightmare waiting.

 457x356mm Venusaur / Fushigibana, Charizard / Rizaado and Blastoise / Kamekkusu painting from Pocket Monsters / Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen versions (2004). Acryllic on Canvas, using a 3x3mm hand drawn grid.

Here is the link.

  Somebody should buy these..

  Being a starving artist is enjoyable only in some distracted haze, before reality kicks in. Like..

  I was talking about financial things with someone the other day. About when I will get a house. Or a car. Or..

  I don't want those things. Geez..

  In Japan I thought about things. Like, all I'm doing with my life now is getting into more debt, and spending all I have on plastic. And making art, which is a pointless endeavour.

  Ken Sugimori's signature features on the last photo.. I guess the new Tokyo Pokemon Center was okay.

  Oh hey I just found his twitter account. Rad.

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