Sunday, May 15, 2011

For a rainy day.


  As seen in this weeks Critic. Augh, my eyes.

  I like the idea, in terms of narratives, of somebody running too far into the future.

  Okay so inbetween typing up this post I just read.. Something, it was, it was really positive. I, can't handle it.. But anyway.

  In hindsight Japan was real good I guess?

  The only reason I stand out is because I don't belong there. As opposed to here, where, I feel like I stand out because I'm a total loser.

  I miss the fact that people mind their own damn business in Japan.

  How far away am I from graduating? Very far.

  Very far away. It may not even happen. I am gonna' die and fail forever. I look at the view from where I am now of an azure, turquoise harbour, the hills getting more and more desaturated into the distance with white clouds stretched out across blue, and all I can think about is my imminent death and subsequent failure at everything I have ever known forever fail death death fail.

  I have a flickr account now.

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