Friday, March 4, 2011

Nobody wants to fight me like you do.

  It's over. At last. Yeah.

  Made a minor edit to the description of this.

  So recently there was this guy.

  He was talking on the phone about 'buying a few books to read' (more like over $200 fucking dollars worth of stuff). Paid with an American Express card. Kept mentioning how people were wanting to interview him while he was in the country, and that he was sorting out some degree thing.

  Felt really bad after that.

  I hate him, whoever he is.

  Gotta' get over those sorta' sentiments though. I finished reading The Catcher in the Rye I mean what the hell. But.. That doesn't stop me from walking down sidestreets instead of the main ones just so I can avoid people.

  Like there's this one where I gotta' jump a gate and stuff, usually. It's pretty radical.


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