Friday, March 11, 2011

It's not fair to be compared to you.


  This 'aint a real update but,

  There's some big event thing in town, outside, but I've been in a basement all weekend selling art.

  It's at this thing. Here's some details..

    Banzai Bill, Oil on canvas, $99.00
    Big Boo, Oil on canvas, $99.00
    Giygas, Oil on canvas, $99.00
    Angel Island Zone, Oil on canvas, $75.00
    Lucas, Oil on canvas, $45.00
    Claus, Oil on canvas, $45.00
    racism, Acrylic on canvas, $19.00
    No., Acrylic on canvas, $14.00
    Venusaur, Charizard + Blastoise, Acrylic on canvas, $NSF.

  Don't like it how much my mood fluctuates. One moment I'm in a spiral of self deprecation for thinking that I'm in totally the wrong artistic direction. The next moment I'm fine with everything because I received an iota of feedback from someone.

  There are some lovely and talented people there.

  There's also someone selling PopTarts so that's been my diet today.

  This was in Critic, so I guess I'm being uhh, 'published' there for the rest of the year.

  I hope the world doesn't implode. You can stop reading now.

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