Monday, March 21, 2011

The glass is empty.

  As seen in this weeks Critic.

  It's in response to recent media stuff. Not that I'm disregarding what Japan is going through. I've loved Japan since ages ago. Can you tell.

  Certainly puts academic issues in persective. I've been reprimanded for being unco-operative at least once. Hey, I'm still doing the work. Uhh. I had a guitar lesson the other day. From Sunshine Suite. I think it counts as a guitar lesson. I'm not sure.

  And SJ Orchard bought me a lunch breakfast thing that I payed him back for. And that thing I did went fine thanks for asking. (This sold).

  As I was saying.

  I'm being realistic about the probability of a concrete and rubble induced death. But I freaked out.

  So, I recently hung out at a skatepark all night listening to The Knife and Röyksopp. Also my parents have a baby husky now.

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