Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This song is not for you lovers.

  Painting of Stella the dog (aka. 'Pup'), acrylic on canvas using a  hand drawn grid.

  I can't remember the measurements for this one..

  The process for painting this involved a photographic reference image which was converted to a Game Boy Pocket Camera-esque file using this tutorial, then copied by hand and eye as usual.

  This was done as a gift for someone.


  So uhh the eclectic combination of new living circumstances are tying in well with the fact that my degree sucks and is confusing.

  This year I'm living above a karaoke bar at the end of an alleyway and up a graffiti-stained elevator, which is an okay substitute for living with some guys whose musical interests I would've stolen (like this).


  1. Love the painting Francis, your best so far imo.

  2. Ha no way? That's interesting. Maybe I'll use more Game Boy Camera filters.