Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Being sad is full time work.

  I have been buying things. I shouldn't be, but, y'know. I got something from this guy, which I'm yet to use yet. We'll see.

  I might not be a design student anymore. Am I graduating? No, I'm just giving up. It's all languages from here on in instead. Oh wait you don't care.

  Okay but I actually have something to talk about today. Behold the following paragraph;

    "Turn your GAME BOY into a digital camera for easy to take pictures and instant result. Pocket Camera is available in several cosmic colors and will be great new fun for all video game players."

  This was a purchase I just had to make. It's a Pocket Camera! I used to have one of these as a kid even though I still consider myself to be a kid now. Figured it'd help me make cool paintings. I mean, this earlier one was done in a similar way so like uhh no but yeah.

  What do I name my new Pocket Camera? ..

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