Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And there was a beat.

  Almost done. Honest.

  I held off sleeping for a while last night so I could keep painting. Then the colouration in my eyesight went weird (I'm somewhat ill right now), and it just made me enjoy that brief period of creativity a little more.

  Which is a problem. I'm tricking myself into thinking that I'm being profoundly creative when I'm just being naive and wasting time.

  I mean I've barely lived.

  I'm real negative about everything but nothing bad has ever happened to me, really. Someone died this one time but I didn't really like him anyway. I think I mentioned it once. 

  And I'm in love with several lies and that's about it.

  Uhh anyway, SJ Orchard sent me some things in exchange for me helping him out with his move to elsewhere. Isn't it cool? Meerkats are my favorite animal, because they are paranoid.

  Also got a signed print of this strip. I think it's important.


  1. ah i love what you said about thinking you're profoundly creative when youre just being naive and wasting time. thats pretty much my life.

  2. It's why Art Galleries freak me out. When does time wasting become something worth the time of everybody else.

  3. try not to worry too much about time francis(says the guy who refuses to leave his room for fear of falling behind in drawing) you have pleanty of time. plus you're one of 2 people in my life that i actually think could go somewhere with their art.