Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is it medicine or social skill.

  Things won't be as abstract as this forever, but anyway;

    Painting of pixel text. Acrylic on canvas using a 3x3mm hand drawn grid.

    'No' is pretty much the answer to everything, because..

    Seeming as I always feel so negative I figure that I should do something productive with it.

    Then I'm surrounded by these things that I have made that reinforce that negativity.

    I don't want that. That can't be healthy. What do you think?

  But I had a boost of confidence recently. Because, this thing arrived in the mail, in the aftermath of that on campus art exhibition I did stuff for. Do you remember when that happened. Of course you don't.

  It's not even a big deal but some of my paintings were present in the exhibition info / photography spread. See? I'm not even kidding.

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