Saturday, October 30, 2010

I won't pick up when.

  Here is the deviantArt link where I actually bothered to talk about the piece a little more. Here it is;

    Painting of pixel text. Acrylic on canvas using a 3x3mm hand drawn grid.

    This is an experimental response to;

    Things people (mostly adults, politicians) say, and
    General tokenism, stereotypes and presumably American / Western standards of normality in the media.

    In conclusion, our blood is all the same colour, you fucking idiots.

  Meanwhile in the real world it is Summer in the hemisphere in which I live. That means the streets are getting more deserted. People are being replaced by memories. Memories of things I would rather not remember.

  And photography from life;


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  1. I love your paintings! I hope you'll be putting more pictures of them up on your blog! :D