Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Comics that never were, Part 2

  The student magazine that did not publish these had no issues with publishing comics from the internet. Instead of , y'know, using whatever talent was available on campus.

  That and there is this one comic that annoyed me, about a straight couple. Okay. As if we don't see straight couples oh I don't know, everywhere, all the time. But if it appeals to the puffer-jacket wearing masses then so be it.


  1. Ha, this one made me LOL. awesome.
    That comic annoys me too! The fact that it's written by a woman makes me feel slightly better about it (am I sexist because I think that? Probably. Oh well.) but it's still weird and annoying.

  2. There are some good points about it though. I think the art style is a really good mixture of being almost Japanese whilst still retaining some form of clarity. And somebody criticised its used of copy + paste panels, I don't have a problem with that. But yeah.

  3. What I want to know, is why didn't they publish these? Did you contact all the right people and put it in a proper format etc? I don't see why they wouldn't want this.
    Also lol. I happen to draw the god-forbid STRAIGHT couple comic... Which was more of an on the whim. But who cares if it appeals to the 'puffer jacket wearing masses'? (which actually it doesn't. Got a threat email after ripping out how fucking disgusting puffer jackets are. Seriously. Brilliant. Made my day.)
    Im a straight female, Im gonna write from a straight couple point of view, because that's what I know. Last I checked, everyone, no matter what their orientation, can laugh at something.
    But hey, if its not your bag of tricks, all good. :)
    long story short, keep at the comics, contact the right people, make it the right format. I'd like to see this published.

  4. Thank you. I'm really happy that you came across this particular post actually, and I hope I stressed enough that any problems I have with your comic stem from my own preferences which in no way make your comic 'bad' in any way whatsoever. I'm sure that you can tell from the rest of my stuff that I just like to complain allot.